Are you looking to have the biggest and baddest RC truck?

Do you not care if you can beat your opponent in a race as long as you can run them over at the finish line?


If you answered YES, then it sounds like you're a excellent candidate for the monster radio control truck hobby. These aren’t your run of the mill pickup trucks, and they aren’t really designed for the speed demons out there. These are the bone crushing, terrain mastering trucks built for durability and gear head massiveness!

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Nitro RC Car - Buying Your 1st RC Nitro
By Andrew Bax

Nitro RC Cars are great fun to use but they are also a committed serious hobby that will need some time to - Maintain, fix and clean a nitro car. But this does not take too long to do and is a requirement to keep the car working properly and to maximize the performance.

Here's what you need to know about starting out with nitro RC cars. Firstly there are some adjustments when you get a new nitro model even so they are sold as ( RTR) ready to run, on a nitro car there is a engine needle setting sometimes there are 2 on pro versions and the instructions you get normally have details on this for that particular model and is pre factory set but these often need to be adjusted and fine tuned regularly. With the needle it only needs to be turned a little, about a mm or so counter clockwise at a time and this should get you started and can be fine tuned until the nitro car runs smoother.

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Options For Inexpensive RC Planes
By Des Werner

There are many options for inexpensive RC Planes on the market today. Knowing what to look for can reduce the risk dramatically when getting started in this hobby. I always like to look at ways that I can reduce the cost and thereby reduce the risk when buying or building a RC Plane.

To do this, you need to look at what RC Planes are made of and what these materials cost. There are lots of different ways to build model aircraft and each way has its advantages as well as disadvantages. My personal feeling is that balsa wood is way to fragile when building a model aircraft. It would be better to go for something more robust like plastic. There is a material on the market called fulteboard or corex. This is a corrugated plastic that is very easy to work with yet extremely strong. It is ideal for your first inexpensive RC planes and will serve you well. I am an experienced flier and I still build most of my model aircraft out of corex. You just can not beat the durability that this material gives you for the price.

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NiCad Battery Reconditioning: Extending the Life of a NiCad Battery
By Andrew Oke

Whereas most cars use lead acid batteries, power tools, mobile phones, laptops, and electronic toys usually require nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries. And just like lead acids, NiCads can also benefit much from a process called reconditioning. The reason for failure of NiCad batteries, however, is quite different from that of lead acid batteries. While lead acids normally fail due to sulfation, NiCads often fail due to what is known as "memory effect." Here are some instructions for you to follow when it comes to NiCad battery reconditioning. This will help you revive your batteries and also help extend its life.

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