By Rita Welldon
All you skaters out there, watch out as the invention of the millennium in terms of skateboarding has arrived. Radio control skateboards are the new ?it?!

Radio control skateboards are controlled through a wireless remote control. The best thing about them is the fact that they own also a three-speed variable control system. So whether you want to go fast or slow, it?s up to you.

Every skaters dream is to reach top speeds and to do top tricks. These days the dream came true for many of those who chose to invest in a radio control skateboard. Some of these reach up to 18 miles per hour in less than...four seconds! That?s right, four seconds! But don?t worry about not being able to stop in time before you hit a tree as the radio control skateboards are equipped with integrated anti lock breakers so that your stop will be spectacular and safe.

Whether you like to skate around the blocks, or chill while cruising down the beach, or maybe you are addicted to showing off in skate parks, cause you got what it takes, for sure you will find the best suitable radio control skateboard for you as there are several models to choose from.

Top designs, top quality, as the best material were used in building them, and reliability, are all to be found in these cool radio control skateboards. One of the radio control skateboards is called ?All terrain?. And it?s not just a name; it rides on sand, grass, dirt, cement, asphalt, wood, metal, concrete, fiberglass and others.

However several things have to be respected while riding these radio control skateboards. Never forget to wear a helmet and adequate protective equipment as these toys reach top speeds which, in case of an accident, could provoke serious damage. Don?t goof around for your own safety! Electric skateboarding is a highly dangerous activity and it could lead to serious injuries if not performed properly. Make sure to clean and maintain your radio control skateboard properly, don?t go out if there?s bad weather, make sure you are not stoned when you get on it. Also do not over speed!

If you are truly a professional, passionate, adrenaline-addicted skater you respect yourself. And if you respect your passion, you will invest in a top quality radio control skateboard because it?s simply a must-have these days. Don?t let others get in front and be the master yourself. Other skaters will simply adore you and you will be the front men down at the skate park. One of these babies will cost you in between $299.99 a Pavement Pounder at 150w and $699.99 a Dirt Rider of 800w at EMAD.

Whether you use the skateboard to go places and you want to get there faster, whether it?s your biggest passion, don?t waste anymore time and go get one radio control skateboard of your own. It will spare a lot of time and you?ll even be able to get up those nasty hills faster!

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