RC Blimps - Cheaper Than RC Airplanes and Simple Enough For Kids to Fly, Too!
By Joe W Bennett

Some RC airplanes have steep learning curves and can take hours of practice to master. However, that is certainly not the case for all remote control aircraft. Today, there are dozens of easy-to-fly electric planes, gliders and copters, but if you are looking for something simple to operate and really inexpensive, an RC blimp might be just the ticket. Cheaper than all but the lowest-priced RC airplanes and easy enough for kids 8 and up to control, blimps deliver a lot of bang for very few bucks.


A blimp is a non-rigid dirigible or airship. Think of it as a helium-filled balloon with an envelope of a tough, puncture-resistant material. Attached to the envelope is a gondola that hosts receiver, battery and electric motors that power and steer it. Almost exclusively for indoors, blimps can be flown anytime without regard to weather conditions that would ground RC airplanes.

Two popular models are Megatech's MegaBlimp Combo and the Megatech Party Blimp. Powered by silent triple-fan motors, the MegaBlimp flies up and down, forwards and backwards and goes for under $50.00. The Party Blimp comes in several models and can make quite a hit at birthdays and other festive occasions. Featuring strobe effects and pre-recorded music, it can be customized with a personal message and prices start around $50.00.

Cheap, easy to operate and fun to fly, blimps make great entry points for anyone interested in RC airplanes and wonderful presents for kids 8 and older. Just be sure your youngster doesn't hog all the flying time, so you can get in on the fun yourself! Stay safe and start flying today!

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Joe Bennett, a graduate of Millsaps College, is an avid reader, family man, musician and business owner. Looking for a new and healthy way to spend time with family and friends, he found RC flying and was immediately hooked on this great sport and past-time.

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