Racing Shifter Carts As a Fun Family Hobby
By Jodie Arnold

With the emerging popularity of video games, parents often struggle to get their teenagers involved in a fun hobby that gets them off the couch and outside. Kids this age are drawn to video games that allow them to participate virtually in activities they wouldn't otherwise be able to do. Many of these games are racing-based, as kids love the idea of being behind a wheel and getting to drive a race-car. In reality, most of these kids aren't able to drive yet, so the appeal for such things is obvious.

There is a great new sport that can not only involve the whole family, but also appeal to this urge to drive a race car. Shifter cart racing isn't anything like the traditional go-kart racing you may be familiar with. While there are some makes of shifter carts that are built specifically for racing and can reach maximum speeds of well over one hundred miles an hour, there are other much slower versions that are perfect for family fun. The 125cc variety has the "look" of its faster Superkart counterpart but reaches maximum speeds that are much lower in comparison.

In fact, shifter carts are even being raced professionally. Before a family decides to purchase their own, they can make a weekend vacation out of taking the family to watch a professionals race shifter carts. Kids will love seeing the carts in action and realizing they're going to have the opportunity to drive their own.

What's most exciting about shifter carts is the fact that families can actually purchase a kit and build their own. Information on purchasing these kits can be found on websites like This building process teaches their teens the value of working together as a family towards a common goal. They'll learn something about how shifter carts work and will better appreciate the investment once it's built. Building a shifter cart may take some time, but the family can use this time to reacquaint themselves with each other.

Once the shifter cart is built, the family can appreciate the fruits of their labors by taking it out for a day of racing fun. As with any sport involving speed, safety precautions must be taken to ensure everyone has fun without getting hurt. Wear helmets and exercise caution when accelerating. Dads will be tempted to drive shifter carts a little faster than the kids, and that's okay! Everyone should get involved and appreciate the chance to spend time doing a hobby kids previously only thought they could participate in virtually.

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