By Bob Tom

Your car could be a great place to enjoy your favorite music, however, many of you still tolerate questionable sound quality that you would never tolerate with your theater system at home. There are also some who attempt to assemble sophisticated sound systems in their vehicles, but a single installation mistake can keep the sound system from reaching its full potential.

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By Brent Dewhurst

From the days of owning and proudly running Tamiya remote/radio controlled model cars back in the 1980's and early 1990's, where the enjoyment was predominantly driving and navigating back garden race tracks and the excitement of the open road... it is also a greater sense of ownership and accomplishment to fully restore these 'once were race winning' radio controlled cars.

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By []Paresh Gordhan

Cars get their reputations from being seen on TV. Some of the cars might have impossible capabilities and this is what makes them so interesting.

Chevy Impala in Supernatural - this car was known as the Winchester vehicle. It is definitely a highlighted car on anyone's list. Although the car is incredibly heavy and slower than most cars today, it was still one of the most iconic cars that have been seen on television.

The Batmobile in The Dark Knight - Can you imagine a car like this on the roads? It might be perfect for the crime fighters in our countries but imagine how much maintenance it would need after a good crime fighting session? The Batmobile was equipped with all sorts of features and we see that it had the ability to fly too. Was it jet fuel or regular petrol?

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Check Engine Light On? Common Checks and Fixes To Try Before You Freak Out

Check Engine Light On? Common Checks and Fixes To Try Before You Freak Out
By A Browder

It stands to reason most of us have spent time at the auto repair shop listening to our service person asking exactly what is going on with our car. Chances are we look at them completely dumbfounded and do not have a clue exactly, What? Is the right thing to say. We, in fact, are likely to be getting over the shock of our trusty reliable automobile experiencing a meltdown.

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