Metal Detector Tips - Five Things You Need to Know
By Michael D. Hall

Metal detecting is a hobby that never goes out of style and figures suggest that increasing numbers of hobbyists are taking up their metal detectors and striking out in search of treasure. But what exactly is a metal detector, how does it work and what are the best ways of using it to improve your chances of finding something valuable?

What is a metal detector?
The first commercial detectors appeared in the 1960s and were used initially in industrial settings, for example, mining, to discover buried metal that was not visible to the naked eye. Detectors are also used in the military for detecting buried mines or weapons caches. Subsequently, the metal detector became a very popular tool for the hobbyist, and has been used to unearth significant treasure troves of great historical and monetary value.

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I liked this idea so much, I built one for myself, I used a Losi ROSS Starting System Module and used a Traxxas Link 2.4Ghz controller modified with a push button switch for the starter. This is a 2 channel receiver that has had a third channel enabled... I will soon be in the process of making a video on the modification and installation of the ROSS system... More info to come... Comments encouraged, higher interest in this will motivate me to get this video done faster. Thanks for your comments and interest in installing remote start on your Traxxas R/C Truck!

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