Are you looking to have the biggest and baddest RC truck?

Do you not care if you can beat your opponent in a race as long as you can run them over at the finish line?


If you answered YES, then it sounds like you're a excellent candidate for the monster radio control truck hobby. These aren’t your run of the mill pickup trucks, and they aren’t really designed for the speed demons out there. These are the bone crushing, terrain mastering trucks built for durability and gear head massiveness!


A fully assembled RC truck can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are as individual as the people who design them. If you're looking for an RC truck and want to spend more time on the road than in the shop, you'll definitely find them at A1 Hobbies by Rob. Many of these come with a fully equipped chassis with everything buttoned up tight to weather the dirt and grime you will no doubt put your radio control truck through.


And did I mention huge tires? In most of the monster remote control truck models I’ve seen, if you can see the details of the truck body then the tires just aren’t big enough:) Oh yeah, and you may want a truck body to put over the components, although I’m convinced this is more to keep dirt out then to actually add to the look of the model. Don't worry; all these parts are available here.


If you don't yet have a monster RC truck and you're wondering what the appeal is, these vehicles are designed for off road areas, and some even do stunts and tricks such as riding over other vehicles and turning themselves upright after a rollover.


Unlike many of their RC car cousins, an RC truck is less about racing and more about maneuverability. They can be fun and challenging for all ages, and many people find them as much fun to tinker as they are to drive.


As far as radio control vehicles go, a monster remote control truck is really in a class by itself and if you're looking for a challenge beyond an RC truck that goes really fast in a straight line, you may want to check out the excitement of monster trucks!


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Robert R