Nitro RC Car - Buying Your 1st RC Nitro
By Andrew Bax

Nitro RC Cars are great fun to use but they are also a committed serious hobby that will need some time to - Maintain, fix and clean a nitro car. But this does not take too long to do and is a requirement to keep the car working properly and to maximize the performance.

Here's what you need to know about starting out with nitro RC cars. Firstly there are some adjustments when you get a new nitro model even so they are sold as ( RTR) ready to run, on a nitro car there is a engine needle setting sometimes there are 2 on pro versions and the instructions you get normally have details on this for that particular model and is pre factory set but these often need to be adjusted and fine tuned regularly. With the needle it only needs to be turned a little, about a mm or so counter clockwise at a time and this should get you started and can be fine tuned until the nitro car runs smoother.

Also check all the screws are tight as these DO come loose all the time and if you lose a screw the car might not operate properly or worse you could lose a small part and then the car will need a spare part and be hassle for you.

As any new nitro radio controlled car there is an engine Break-in procedure for the engine. This means as it is a new engine you have to slowly run the first 4-6 tanks of fuel and no more than a few minutes each run, also make sure the body shell is off when doing this so it allows air to flow keeping the engine cool.

Also a important note is to make sure you only keep it at half throttle, with no revving the car or you will damage the engine and limit the performance as the engine must not get too hot, which is why you have to be patient and follow the above.

This is only a short time to do and believe me it's worth the extra little effort.

Priming the engine with nitro fuel is quite easy and there are a couple of ways to do this. As you pull-start the engine on the nitro car, look at the clear fuel line this is a clear plastic tube so you can check to see if the fuel is reaching the carburettor, if the fuel does not flow all way though then first check there are no kinks in the pipe anywhere, if this is ok then you can prime the engine by putting one finger over the exhaust or air intake for only a few seconds! While pull-starting the car until you see the fuel reach the engine. Make sure finger is not over exhaust for long or you will flood the engine and lock it up.

If this does not work then i find this option easier:grab the fuel line end that connects to the exhaust and wiggle it off and blow down the pipe and this will force the fuel in, push the pipe back on and that's it.

If you do flood the engine on your nitro RC car the pull-start will become stiff and hard to pull.

Do not pull until you have unflooded the engine, now to do this you simply remove the glow plug from the heat head sink and turn the car upside down, then pull-start the engine a few times to expel the excess fuel out of the combustion chamber. Replace the glow plug and start over again.

Nitro RC cars are fast and can hit 70 mph and can do flips and jumps and great fun to race with others.

I have done a review on some nitro radio controlled cars and below are some great examples of nitro cars and what you get.

The cyclone nitro RC car is made by ACME Racing and is a outstanding model, a 1/10th scale car which is good quality made with features such as - 18. Powerful Nitro engine with a simplified carb that makes these one of the easiest to start, also these engines are reliable. Also you get 4WD shaft system, oil filled shocks, metal brake system and a choice of body shells.

This is a great nitro RC car to start with and comes complete with a quality 27mhz controller. Want a PRO nitro car? then acme racing have the cyclone Pro nitro RC car, which has all the above + a 2 speed gearbox and tough aluminium shock absorbers, fully raced bearings and a powerful nitro engine that hits 35 - 40 mph! out the box.

I have one of these nitro cars and parts are always easy to get and this is great value for money, and an awesome fast RC car.

This next nitro radio controlled car is a massive 1/8th Scale and this can race at the highest level.

The VRX 1/8 th scale nitro RC car. This is a fully built 1/8 scale radio controlled rally cross nitro buggy that is packed to the hilt with features and would have to pay extra for. This is a race proven model and every part of the design has been carefully thought about to make this a winner and remember this is not a entry level or a 1/10 scale model.

This VRX-2 is a serious bit of kit featuring:

-3 shoe aluminium clutch
-Front cvd shafts
-Tough aluminium parts throughout it goes on & on.

A very powerful GO. 21 rear exhaust engine is installed which is from the newest engine manufacturer in Taiwan that already has a excellent race track record. A high quality nitro RC car for the big boys or someone looking for a pro "all done" buggy with carbon upgrades and all the spec the standard VRX has.

This PRO version comes with:

-Carbon fibre center diff upper plate
-Carbon fibre steering upper plate
-Carbon fibre radio tray
-Billet rear shock tower
-Billet front shock tower
-Billet front chassis brace
-Billet rear chassis brace

Whatever nitro RC car you get, one thing is for sure you'll have fun and enjoy the rewards this great hobby brings.

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