Options For Inexpensive RC Planes
By Des Werner

There are many options for inexpensive RC Planes on the market today. Knowing what to look for can reduce the risk dramatically when getting started in this hobby. I always like to look at ways that I can reduce the cost and thereby reduce the risk when buying or building a RC Plane.

To do this, you need to look at what RC Planes are made of and what these materials cost. There are lots of different ways to build model aircraft and each way has its advantages as well as disadvantages. My personal feeling is that balsa wood is way to fragile when building a model aircraft. It would be better to go for something more robust like plastic. There is a material on the market called fulteboard or corex. This is a corrugated plastic that is very easy to work with yet extremely strong. It is ideal for your first inexpensive RC planes and will serve you well. I am an experienced flier and I still build most of my model aircraft out of corex. You just can not beat the durability that this material gives you for the price.

Always remember that inexpensive RC Planes takes the worry out of flying. It is way less stressful flying a model aircraft that does not cost a fortune to build then one that has cost you every last cent you have. If you crash your cheap model you can afford to repair it and be back in the air again soon. With an expensive one it may take months for you to save up again. This type of stress totally destroys most beginner model airplane pilot's moral and puts them under even bigger stress when its time to fly again.

Building your inexpensive RC planes are just as easy. In our online course we have got all the answers to this problem. The student learns how to build, fly and fix his model aircraft all in the comfort of his own home.

So always remember to by reducing the price, you will reduce the risk and have many hours of flying fun without it costing you a fortune.

About The Author

Captain Des Werner is an Airline Pilot with many thousands of flying hours. As an Author and experienced pilot, he is at the forefront to provide solutions to cost effective ways of building strong RC model aircraft.

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