Best Mini Helicopter
By Ross M Spencer

What is the Best Mini helicopter?

Mini remote control helicopters are great fun and a superb gift idea. But with so many different models on the market it can be difficult to decide which the best ones are. This article is a review of what to look for when you want to buy a mini helicopter and also which ones are recommended for 2011 and 2012. They really are great fun to fly and come in a range of designs and colours. They are also known as micro, toy and indoor helicopters.


Mini remote control helicopter features

Many of the mini helicopters on the market come with slightly different features. Here is a list of the common features found in most of them

1) Size of the palm of your hand
2) Remote control using infrared
3) Suitable for indoor flying only
4) Have a flying time when fully charged ranging from 6-10mins
5) Have a flying range of between 30 feet (10 metres) - 45 feet (14 metres)

What features to look for when buying a RC toy helicopter

To help you decide what factors to look out for when picking a remote control indoor helicopter you should look at the features it has listed.

The following list is the most important features of a toy helicopter:

1) Charge time - the time it takes to fully charge
2) Flight duration- the average flight time in the air when fully charged
3) Durability - the strength of the helicopter to withstand any crashes
4) Price - the comparable cost to others and its value for money
5) Ease of operation- how easy it is to operate and control the mini helicopter
6) Speed - the speed of the mini helicopter
7) Flight Range - how far the helicopter can travel from the receiver - most have sufficient range as they are designed for indoor flying only
8) Appearance- some helicopters may loose on other factors but gain in a better novelty appearance - better for gifts - some may also include flashing LED lights

So what are the best mini helicopters

Having flown many mini toy helicopters over the years and reviewing the current ones and comparing them to the important features/factors the following two micro helicopters were the most highly recommended.

Syma S109G Apache

This RC toy helicopter is brand new for 2011 and is one of the newest on the market. It is built by Syma - the premier mini remote control helicopter manufacturer.

This new apache is far improved from older versions so ensure you purchase the newer version.

This micro helicopter is very easy to control and would be a fantastic gift for a child or adult especially if the are new to flying remote controlled mini helicopters. It is made of very durable and strong plastic, which is stronger than older models.

It has an excellent appearance looking very realistic with its crafted plastic cover. It also has a flashing LED light a great added visual effect.

For around $20 this is great value.

Syma S107

This model is a best seller. Whilst slightly older than the Apache it is made by the same manufacturer and is a fantastic mini helicopter.

This mini helicopter has a metal alloy frame meaning it is very strong and durable compared to many other models that are built from plastic.

It is so easy to fly and would be very suitable for a child or adult and someone again who is new to using remote control toys.

At around $20 this is great value.

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