Top 5 Remote Control Cars For Beginners
By Chelsey Lee

So you have been thinking about buying remote control cars but you just don't know where to start? Don't worry we have all been there before. The best and worst thing about remote control cars is the wealth of information available to you. In hopes of trying to help you decide on remote control cars I've compiled a top 5 list of my favorite beginner remote control cars.


#5. Tamiya TT-01

Coming in at #5 is the Tamiya TT-01 RC Drift Car. The tamiya TT-01 is a great beginner remote control car because it is easy to use and is very affordable. The Tamiya TT-01 goes anywhere from $80 to 125$ bucks. The TT-01 is a great rc car drifting machine because of its wicked stock chassis. If you want the Tamiya tt-01 ready to run then the price can go up considerably.

The tamiya tt-01 is easily one of the best entry level rc cars on the market today and you won't be sorry you tried one out.

#4. Team Associated RC10GT

The Team associated RC10GT is a very popular beginner remote control car. Not only has the RC10GT dominated every aspect of the gas powered truck arena but it has been doing so for a long time now.

What makes the team associated RC10GT so popular is how customizable it is. It doesn't matter if you want to do some rc car racing or just play and bash your RC10GT out in the backyard, there is a version for everyone. One of the best things about the RC10GT for beginners is that it's easy to get parts for it, because it has been out so long.

Team associated's RC10GT comes in at #4 on the countdown of the top 5 beginner remote control cars list. The RC10GT comes ready to run (RTR) and everything is painted and all ready for you to start ripping up the road - anytime, anywhere.

#3. Team Losi LST

Ranking in at #3 is Team Losi's LST remote control monster truck. When the word got out that losi was producing a monster truck the hobby world was shocked, this was because team losi had been designing and manufacturing smaller stadium trucks, truggies and touring rc cars.

One of the reasons that team losi's LST monster truck is a great beginner entry model is because of its huge tires, awesome suspension and big block motor. The LST is a 1/8 scale monster remote control truck that offers lots of power and torque for its size.

With Team losi it's always about functionality and ease of use for the user, and the LST has not been a disappointment in both of those departments.

#2. kyosho mp777

They kyosho inferno mp777 is coming in at #2 with a bang. With one of the most impressive chassis in history it is no wonder why rc enthusiasts such as myself flock to buy this remote control car.

The kyosho mp777 is very affordable, durable and most of all fast and fun! One of the first remote control cars I ever bought was the Kyosho mp777 and man did it ever go fast, over 30MPh! I bashed that radio control car all over the backyard and at the local track and it kept on ticking.

What makes the kyosho mp777 so great and a good beginner rc car? It's dependable, fast, and most of all easy on the wallet.

#1. Traxxas Rustler

Not because it is my favorite number, no, ranking in at #1 is the very fun Traxxas nitro rustler. The traxxas rustler is a great remote control beginner car.

The rustler is a 1/10 scale rc electric rc car that is ready to run right out of the box (RTR). Why #1? Durability, simply put this rc electric rustler can take a beating and keep on ticking. I've bashed my rustler for years in the backyard and at the track and it still keeps going and going. I paid under $200 for mine so it wasn't that bad financially, but then again you can't put a price on remote control car racing!

The best thing about the traxxas rustler electric rc car is the fact that you can keep upgrading it as your skills improve, so you'll go faster, higher and farther in anything you do with it.


There you have my top 5 favorite beginner remote control cars and trucks list. Now that you are armed to the teeth with some good information, what are you waiting for, time to buy an rc car and start practicing for the big events and tournaments!

Chelsey lee is a freelance writer who enjoys writing information and reviews on remote control cars and Traxxas rc cars. She loves helping the newcomer find a place in the rc car world.

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