Traxxas Revo - More Than Your Basic RC Car
By Darren W Chow

The Traxxas Revo has long been a leader in the remote controlled (RC) car world. Perhaps the reason for this is that each version brings something new to the table. Whether that means enhancements to cosmetics or operation, you know that when you purchase a Revo, you are always getting more for your money than you otherwise would from one of the generic guys. While other cars are more likely to fall apart in rough terrains, the Traxxas is not. While other cars can't go above 30 miles per hour, the Revo can go beyond 45 miles per hour. While other cars lose significant amounts of power when they try to take hills, the Traxxas Revo has enough to pull steep inclines without losing much for speed. The 3.3 model, one of the latest in the Revo line, is a good example of what a Traxxas RC car can do. For instance:


Power charger. Never fear running out of juice when you really want to test the limits. The on-board rechargeable battery goes well beyond what a basic Alkaline can do giving you hours of uninterrupted "roughing it" time.

Suspension travel. Huge bumps and jumps are never a problem for this model of car. With advanced suspension travel, you won't have to worry about negotiating awkward national geometry. Every car takes a beating from time to time. The question is how well does it bounce back? Revo 3.3 continues unimpeded by the dangers that you throw at it.

Electronic transmission. This feature makes increasing and decreasing speeds seamless as you explore new areas surrounding your home or community at the kind of pace that works for you, unlimited by the restraints that come with retail chain cheapies.

Push button starting. Get up and go doesn't come any easier than it does with push button technology that allows you to be off to the races and making your friends jealous all with the simple movement of your fingertips.

Longer wheelbase chassis. The longer wheelbase chassis means that your RC car will be better equipped to handle sudden alterations in the terrain. Be careful of rocks, hills, and sudden turns when you are steering around a big box RC. With the Revo 3.3, you can just relax and have a good time!

Bigger engine for greater power and speed. The biggest advantage to the Revo 3.3, this allows you to attain top speeds without suffering dangers to your RC car. It also allows you to explore areas far beyond the limitations of traditional RC cars.

Buying a Traxxo product of any kind already sets you ahead of the game for off-road racing and fun, but the Revo goes above and beyond the rest. Choose it the next time you buy a remote controlled car, and you won't be sorry!

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