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How To Locate Cheap RC Cars
By Colin Scott

The Nitro operated remote controlled cars are generally a fantastic hobby which brings together the excitement of high-speed stunts and racing along with the terrific chance to learn the workings of small engines and systems, so this is a great activity for both older children and adults. The RC cars could also become a very expensive hobby, so oftentimes people will want to know how to get started in this activity without spending a huge sum and so they will search for ways to get cheaper RC cars or parts.

Regrettably, purchasing a cheaper nitro RC could be a challenge and is actually a task which might be filled with hurdles, particularly for a novice. It might be less expensive to purchase your first remote control car as parts and then build it up, however this isn't suggested for people who are not technically oriented, since it is a lot to learn if are just starting out.

On the other hand, if you have the technical skills to build this car from scratch, then getting a cheaper one would be no problem for you to transform it to outperform the top models. In order to find an inexpensive ready-to-run system, use the internet to search for deals offered by the big hobby vendors or specialist websites. However, you should avoid purchasing second-hand models as these could cause significant problems, especially for beginners.

In the event that you discover an excellent price for your cheap RC toys, then you could take it to a store in your local area to see if they could match this price or perhaps offer you a better deal by giving you some accessories or tools. A different way you are able to get an inexpensive car of this nature would be to interact with the RC car groups in your area. They will be capable of giving you advice on getting started and several will already have special offers with hobby websites and stores where you could get cars and replacement parts at a discounted price.

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Getting Into RCGT (Radio Control Grand Touring)

Getting Into RCGT (Radio Control Grand Touring)
By Tony Phalen

What is RCGT?
RCGT is currently the hottest and quickest growing class in the touring car scene. RCGT (or Radio Controlled Grand Touring) was started in the SoCal area by local manufacturer, HPI Racing. Applying a few 'Spec' rules, their goal was to bring some of the fun and enthusiasm back to touring cars by adding a sense of realism to the class. This also means that anyone, including current racers, can get into this growing class by using an inexpensive touring car, a set of treaded tires and a realistic body!

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Radio Control Monster Trucks: Popular Segment of RC Hobby

{jcomments on}Are you looking to have the biggest and baddest RC truck?

Do you not care if you can beat your opponent in a race as long as you can run them over at the finish line?


If you answered YES, then it sounds like you're a excellent candidate for the monster radio control truck hobby. These aren’t your run of the mill pickup trucks, and they aren’t really designed for the speed demons out there. These are the bone crushing, terrain mastering trucks built for durability and gear head massiveness!

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Secrets of RC Cars

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