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Nitro RC Cars & Trucks

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I liked this idea so much, I built one for myself, I used a Losi ROSS Starting System Module and used a Traxxas Link 2.4Ghz controller modified with a push button switch for the starter. This is a 2 channel receiver that has had a third channel enabled... I will soon be in the process of making a video on the modification and installation of the ROSS system... More info to come... Comments encouraged, higher interest in this will motivate me to get this video done faster. Thanks for your comments and interest in installing remote start on your Traxxas R/C Truck!

Robert - A1 Hobbies By Rob

Review - Traxxas Revo

Traxxas Revo - More Than Your Basic RC Car
By Darren W Chow

The Traxxas Revo has long been a leader in the remote controlled (RC) car world. Perhaps the reason for this is that each version brings something new to the table. Whether that means enhancements to cosmetics or operation, you know that when you purchase a Revo, you are always getting more for your money than you otherwise would from one of the generic guys. While other cars are more likely to fall apart in rough terrains, the Traxxas is not. While other cars can't go above 30 miles per hour, the Revo can go beyond 45 miles per hour. While other cars lose significant amounts of power when they try to take hills, the Traxxas Revo has enough to pull steep inclines without losing much for speed. The 3.3 model, one of the latest in the Revo line, is a good example of what a Traxxas RC car can do. For instance:

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Top Gas RC Cars

By Darren W Chow

Auto racing is one of the most watched motorsports in the television today. It has not only influenced men, but the kids as well. It is conventional to see big boys with big toys, such as cars, yacht, and motorbikes; but it is not so common to see big boys with small toys. Yes, these small toys have become the fancy of a lot of grown up men today. These small toys are actually gas RC cars.{jcomments on}

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Top 5 Nitro RC Cars From Traxxas

Top 5 Nitro RC Cars From Traxxas
By Chelsey Lee

Traxxas has been making and distributing nitro rc cars for years now. They are known for the highest quality nitro rc cars on the market today and will be in the future to come. Seeing how popular Traxxas is I decided to make a top 5 list of nitro rc cars from Traxxas.

Here they are...

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